Adding Microsoft Certificate Authority Services in my lab

Active Directory, Home-Lab, SSL Certificate, VCAP6-DCV Deploy
In this post i will install Microsoft Certificate Authority Services on my domain controller in preparation for Objective 8.2 Here are the steps: In server manager add the Active Directory Certificate tools Choose the Certificate Authority and Certificate Authority Web Enrollment Follow the wizard and click install (you can close the installation window) Click on the yellow icon(Post Installation) and then click on configure Active Directory Certificate Authority Make sure to use Administrator (or user with similar rights) Select the Certificate Authority  and Certificate Authority Web Enrollment Choose Enterprise CA (only available if you running AD) Choose Root CA Choose "Create new private key" Choose the Default encryption Verify Common names(no need to change anything) Leave the default validity time Leave the default Cert DB Click on Configure Once done access the the CA via…
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Joining vCenter to my active directory lab

Active Directory, Home-Lab, VCP6-DCV
As part of continuing building my lab environment to prepare for the VCP6-DCV blue print i need to join my vCenter to the active directory The following are the steps to join to active directory: From vCenter >> Administration >> System configuration >> Nodes >> vcenter.vsphere@lab.local >> manage >> Active directory >> click on Join Fill in your Domain name username and password Restart vCenter From vCenter >>Administration >> configuration click on the + sign to add new identity source Choose Active directory(integrated windows Authentication) and click OK. Verify that you connected to the Active Directory    
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