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Advanced VM Settings
in Advanced VM Settings - 21 Jun, 2016
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In the following post we are going to discuss “Optimize Virtual Machine resources” The following are objectives from the blueprint : Adjust Virtual Machine properties according to a deployment plan: Network configurations CPU configurations Storage configurations Configure Flash Read Cache reservations Modify Transparent Page Sharing and large memory page settings Optimize a Virtual Machine for […]

in Advanced VM Settings - 28 Apr, 2016
by mordi - 6 comments

In this post we will discuss the last objective in the first section which is to perform advanced virtual machine configurations here are the objectives from the blueprint: Tune Virtual Machine disk controller configurations according to a deployment plan Configure .vmx file for advanced configuration scenarios Configure a virtual machine for Hot Add features Upgrade […]

in Advanced VM Settings - 02 Feb, 2016
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In this post we will continue covering the objective from the blueprint and now its time for Configure Advanced vSphere Virtual Machine Settings The following are objectives from the blueprint: Differentiate virtual machine configuration settings Enable/disable advanced virtual machine settings Interpret virtual machine configuration files (.vmx) settings Configure virtual machines for multicore vCPUs Determine how using a […]