Preparing the lab environment for NFS datastore – Config of MSFT NFS services and VMware vSwitch

Home-Lab, NFS Datastore, VCP6-DCV
Before we stating creating new virtual machine , i will like to setup an NFS Datastore for my lab using Microsoft 2012R2 server and use my 1TB for it so i can save some space on my SSD drive.In the future i will explore more NFS option such as FreeNas EMC storage and more but for now i will stick to the Microsoft server. Here are the step i took to configure Micorsoft NFS services and VMware vSwitch Setting the Microsoft server For NFS services: On the Micorosoft server add a new role, choose File and iSCSI Services and than choose Server for NFS. add a new 100GB disk to my Microsoft server via VMware workstation (Optional) from Server manager File and Storage services >> Volume >> Disk bring the new…
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My VCP6-DCV Home Lab

Home-Lab, VCP6-DCV
Physical Hardware or nested ESXi... that is the question. So after thinking about it for a long time, I decided that for my home lab, I will be using the less expensive lab configuration instead of investing over $2.5k in hardware. I will be using my home desktop with VMware Workstation to run my lab. My home desktop has a good spec for the lab that I am going to build: Intel four cores I5-4690K @3.50GHz 32 GB of RAM 512 GB SSD as a boot disk 1 TB 7.2K RPM additional storage   The lab design will include the following: Vmware Workstation will be installed on my local PC Winodws 2012R2 - Runs as virtual machine ESXi0 -Runs as virtual machine ESXi1 -Runs as virtual machine ESXi2-Runs as virtual machine vCenter…
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