VCP6-DCV blueprint section 2:Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Networking– Objective 2.1 – Part 1

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In this post we will cover the objective from the blue print regrading vDS , i will also use my Lab to demonstrate the objective.To cover all the objectives i will need to split this post in to two parts since its going to cover a lot of material. Note : I will NOT follow the order of blueprint objective but i will cover all of them. The following are the blueprint objective: Knowledge Create/Delete a vSphere Distributed Switch Add/Remove ESXi Hosts from a vSphere Distributed Switch Add/Configure/Remove dvPort groups Add/Remove uplink adapters to dvUplink groups Configure vSphere Distributed Switch general and dvPort group settings Create/Configure/Remove virtual adapters Migrate virtual machines to/from a vSphere Distributed Switch Configure LACP on vDS given design parameters Describe vDS Security Polices/Settings Configure dvPort group…
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