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I was looking a way to practice vVOL in my home lab so a quick google search got me to EMC Unity-VSA. So if you like to practice vVOL with me here are the steps i took to install EMC UnityVSA:

Download the appliance from EMC website , you will need to register



After the download is over install the ova file on your esx host , in my lab i needed to shutdown my other host and install 18GG of RAM on my esxi0 host and also added 4 more NICs (via VMware Workstation)


Once the install complete  add additional HDD to the VM to serve as your actual storage


Start the EMC Unity VSA appliance and wait for the DNS name to show in the summary tab (took me about 25Min)


Connect to the management ip hat you configure and apply the credentials (username admin default password: Password123#)


when you login for the first time you will see a wizard

change your password :


Copy the UUDI and click on this link: once done download the license file and apply it  then Configure DNS / NTP .


Configure the first pool, this is where you will need the storage from the additional disk that we added before.

name the pool and assign storage tier.


After creating the pool you can just click Next, we will need only the pool for vVOL, verify that the storage pool complete successfully.


Configure and enable the iSCSI adapter



Skip the NAS server and click Finish.

In the next post when we will discuss how to create storage container to connect VMware datastore.

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