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in VCAP6-DCV Deploy - 17 Jul, 2016
by mordi - 2 comments
My Exam Experience – VCAP6-DCV Deploy Beta

So i decided to take the beta exam and give it a try. This is my first VCAP exam so I wanted to find out the cheap way what is all about.

The interface is similar to VMware HOL so make sure you practice at least one lab so you get familiar with it.  You’ve got 27 questions to do in only 240 minutes, which goes VERY FAST!!!!  The 240 minutes is not sufficient since each question includes MANY tasks. I wasn’t able to complete all of the questions since it not enough time, but i guess ill know in 6-8 weeks how i did.

I also had the same issues that everybody else was complaining about:

  • Slow connection
  • Slow reaction time for operation you execute
  • Blurry text, its hard to read especially when it comes to numbers (this is very critical)

Recommanded resources:

  • Mastering Sphere 6 book by Nick Marshall : https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-VMware-vSphere-Nick-Marshall/dp/1118925157
  • VMware HOL
  • My Blog : http://vpentathlon.com/vcap-dcv-deploy-study-guide/
  • Vjenner blog : http://www.vjenner.com/vcap6-dcv-deployment-study-guide/
  • Tim Smith blog: http://tsmith.co/vcap-dcv-deployment-series/

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  • JITESH //18 Jul 2016

    Good luck mate
    Thank you for the great study guide, its really appreciated.

  • Edu //24 Aug 2016

    Wish you luck with the results. Thanks for your VCAP series, they were super-helpful to prepare myself. I will take the exam when it goes out of beta.