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I finally got my VCP certification!  It’s time to look back to see what I did and plan ahead for the next certification, which will be the VCAP – Deploy exam.

The road for VCP:

Since I let my VCP 5 expire, I had to start all over again. I had a lot to learn, so I started with the VCA-DCV exam which was fairly easy (see my post about the VCA-DCV exam on this site).

Then I took the challenge to blog about the VCP6 blueprint. This was very helpful for me in understanding the objectives and I hope it will help others as well.

Since it’s mandatory to take one course to get certified, I took the VMware Optimize and Scale class which enriched my knowledge of the VCP objectives. Immediately after the class, I took the first VCP exam (Foundation) which was a fair exam.

And today, I took the final VCP exam, which was hard, but I was prepared for it having studied intensely over the last 3 months.

So whats next?

I choose to take the VCAP-Deploy exam, the reason being that I want to leave all the aspects of design to the end of my vPentathlon.

I also decided to get some physical hardware from eBay and some external storage – more on the new hardware in my future posts.

As for continuing to post, I will follow the VCAP6-Deploy blueprint and blog about some objectives that need a “deep-dive” or others that need a refresher of previous posts.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.



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