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Until i get my VCAP6 – Deploy beta exam results, I decided to create a plan for my next step. The next step will be to take the VCAP6 – Design exam which is now GA

My plan is use the following resources:

  • Designing VMware Infrastructure Pluralsight course by Scott Lowe ,This is a 2012 course but I think some of it its still valid
  • VCAP6 – Design BlueprintMain Resource 
  • VCAP5 – DCD Official Cert Guide – i know its old but there are some relevent information 
  • vSphere Design 2nd Edition book
  • IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design: A Practical Guide for It Architects book
  • Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN): Administrator’s Guide to VMware Virtual SAN (2nd Edition)
  • VMware vSphere HA 6.0 High availability Deepdive :
  • VMworld Youtube Videos , there are very good deep dive sessions from VMworld 2015 and depending on when VMware will release the 2016 we might be able to use it too.(
  • Practice the simulator on VMware site.
  • Google + VCAP6-DCV Design community 


Home lab: Still going to use VMware workstation , but considering adding couple of Intel NUC’s in the near futures 

Time line: I will start Reading and viewing the videos on Aug 6 and I believe 3 months later i will take the exam (depending on my progress).


If you know of any other good and current VCAP-6 Design resources, please comment 

Thanks for reading









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