VCAP – Design: Storage Calculation – Part 3

Storage, VCAP6 - Design
This post is a continuation of Storage Calculation - Part 2; in this post we are going to talk about how we calculate storage throughput and datastore sizing for your design. Note: This post will show basic calculations and will not take into account caching and tiering technologies Calculating throughput: In the previous post we discussed IOPS, and now we will use the IOPS in a formula to calculate the throughput. The formula to calculate the throughput is: Throughput in MB/s = Workload IOPS  * IO size / 1024 For example :  A Company uses storage to archive and steam video surveillance, the I/O size for this workload is 64K and the total workload IOPS is 5000 (for all cameras) lets plug the numbers = 64k * 5000 / 1024 = 312.5 MB/s  …
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