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home lab
in Home-Lab - 15 Aug, 2016
by mordi - 4 comments

When i was practicing for my VCP and VCAP Deploy I mainly used VMware workstation as a home lab. I used my Desktop PC which included Intel core i5, 32GB for RAM , One 512 SSD and 1TB of HDD. When i needed to practice backup, replication, multiple PSC’s and multiple VC’s my biggest constrain was […]

in blueprint - 24 Jan, 2016
by mordi - no comments

For the next objective we will need to setup a lab for Replication since i am using VMware workstation on my desktop and i only have limited resources i needed to find a workaround to make it work (So much fun :-)) So i put my thinking hat on and i came out with the […]

in blueprint - 17 Jan, 2016
by mordi - no comments

So we are done with the storage part (for now, until we get to the troubleshooting part ) and now its time for upgrading vSphere deployment section. As usual i might not follow the blueprint order but i will try to cover all the subjects. The following are the blueprint objective: Configure download source(s) Setup […]

in Home-Lab - 22 Dec, 2015
by mordi - 2 comments

Before we stating creating new virtual machine , i will like to setup an NFS Datastore for my lab using Microsoft 2012R2 server and use my 1TB for it so i can save some space on my SSD drive.In the future i will explore more NFS option such as FreeNas EMC storage and more but […]