Home Lab Update

When i was practicing for my VCP and VCAP Deploy I mainly used VMware workstation as a home lab. I used my Desktop PC which included Intel core i5, 32GB for RAM , One 512 SSD and 1TB of HDD. When i needed to practice backup, replication, multiple PSC's and multiple VC's my biggest constrain was the RAM and i had to shuffle VMs and hosts around. So I finally decided to get some dedicated Hardware so i can continue to study. My home lab now include the following: One Dell PowerEdge T130 One Cisco SG-300-10 One Netgear ReadyNAS 202 Dell PowerEdge T130 Configuration: Processor: 1 Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v5 3.0GHz, 8M cache, RAM: 64GB UDIMM,2133MT/s,ECC780-BBWS HDDs: 2X 500GB 7.2k RPM SATA 6Gbps Networking:On-Board LOM 1GBE Dual Port Management:iDrac8, Basic with Dedicated NIC Cisco SG-300-10…
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Replication – Lab Preparation

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For the next objective we will need to setup a lab for Replication since i am using VMware workstation on my desktop and i only have limited resources i needed to find a workaround to make it work (So much fun :-)) So i put my thinking hat on and i came out with the following solution: Create a new lab (at least we getting more hands on) Configure two Datacenters Datacenter one configuration: Name: oceanside_dataceter ESXi hosts: Single esxi name esxi0 with basic installation (no fancy storage or networking connections) vCenter server : Single vCenter appliance running on VMware workstation vRA : single vRA installed on esxi0 host VM's:single linux vm installed on esxi0 host Datacenter two configuration: Name: MSPdatacenter ESXi hosts: Single esxi name MSPesxi0 with basic installation (no fancy…
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VCP6-DCV blueprint section 4:Upgrade a vSphere Deployment to 6.x – Objective 4.1 – Part 1

blueprint, study guide, VCP6-DCV, VUM
So we are done with the storage part (for now, until we get to the troubleshooting part ) and now its time for upgrading vSphere deployment section. As usual i might not follow the blueprint order but i will try to cover all the subjects. The following are the blueprint objective: Configure download source(s) Setup UMDS to setup download repository Import ESXi images Create Baselines and/or Baseline groups Attach Baselines to vSphere objects Scan vSphere objects Stage patches & Extensions Remediate an object Upgrade a vSphere Distributed Switch Upgrade VMware Tools Upgrade Virtual Machine hardware Upgrade an ESXi Host using vCenter Update Manager Stage multiple ESXi Host upgrades Align appropriate baselines with target inventory objects.   Some thoughts: To cover this objective , i looked at blueprint resources and they…
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Preparing the lab environment for NFS datastore – Config of MSFT NFS services and VMware vSwitch

Home-Lab, NFS Datastore, VCP6-DCV
Before we stating creating new virtual machine , i will like to setup an NFS Datastore for my lab using Microsoft 2012R2 server and use my 1TB for it so i can save some space on my SSD drive.In the future i will explore more NFS option such as FreeNas EMC storage and more but for now i will stick to the Microsoft server. Here are the step i took to configure Micorsoft NFS services and VMware vSwitch Setting the Microsoft server For NFS services: On the Micorosoft server add a new role, choose File and iSCSI Services and than choose Server for NFS. add a new 100GB disk to my Microsoft server via VMware workstation (Optional) from Server manager File and Storage services >> Volume >> Disk bring the new…
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