VCAP – Design: Storage Calculation – Part 2

Storage, VCAP6 - Design
This post is a continuation of Storage calculation part 1; in this post we are going to talk about disk types and how we calculate IOPS and Disks for your Design Note: This post will show basic calculations and will not take into account caching and tiering technologies Disks types Now that we've covered the raid levels, let’s talk about the disk drives. In the enterprise world we normally see the following disk types: 7.2K RPM NL-SAS or SATA 10K RPM SAS or FC 15K RPM SAS or FC SSD When we are looking to design a storage system, we need to consider the following: IOPS RAID Write Penalty Application workflow IOPS = Input/Output operation per second. In spinning disks the numbers of IOPS are well known and they are…
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