VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 6.1

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We are now in the sixth section of the blueprint ,In this section we are going to cover "Utilize Advanced vSphere Performance Monitoring Tools" Here are the objective from the blueprint : Configure esxtop / resxtop custom profiles Evaluate use cases for and apply esxtop / resxtop Interactive, Batch and Replay modes Use esxtop / resxtop to collect performance data Use vScsiStats to gather storage performance data Lab Setup: Using VMware workstation: Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…) Installed esx0 Installed VCSA Installed vMA  Documents used: vSphere Monitoring and Performance Guide Using vscsiStats for Storage Performance Analysis on VMware communities For this task we will need to use vMA , i already created a post about installing vMA in my lab  (see below): also i have additional post…
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