VCAP – Design: Storage calculation – Part 1

Storage, VCAP6 - Design
I will like to start a series of posts regrading VCAP design storage calculation and performance. we will start with the basics and build on it to more advanced topics. Raid levels: RAID - Redundant Array of In Depended Disks , RAID technology is a combination of in depended disks to form redundancy or create a better performance. There are many type of RAID levels but recently vendors start to use a few common raid levels:   RAID 0: RAID 0 technical details : Method: Block level striping , data is writing across all drives in the stripe set. Using RAID 0 will increase performance since we utilizing all drives from the RAID set at the same time. Fault Tolerance:  RAID0 DO NOT offer any fault tolerance, failure in one of the…
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