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in Replication - 25 Jun, 2016
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We are now in the seventh section of the blueprint ,In this section we are going to cover “Deploy and manage vSphere Replication” Here are the objective from the blueprint : Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure: Isolate vSphere Replication network traffic Enable data compression of vSphere Replication traffic Configure and manage vSphere Replication of virtual […]

in DRS - 12 Jun, 2016
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We are now in the forth section of the blueprint , this section is the availability part and in the following posts we are going to discuss how we Implement and Maintain Complex vSphere Availability Solutions We are going to discuss the following objective from the blueprint : Configure a HA cluster to meet resource and availability […]

in blueprint - 22 May, 2016
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In this post we will continue to discuss Implementing Complex Storage Solutions here are the objectives from the blueprint that i am going to cover: Deploy and configure VMware Virtual SAN Upgrade VMware storage infrastructure Configure / View VMFS locking mechanisms ATS-Only mechanism ATS_SCSI mechanism Configure Storage I/O Control to allow I/O prioritization Lab Setup:(not […]