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At this point of my learning i will like to remove all vSS and use only vDS. i will like to migrate first my storage network and than i will migrate my management network .

The plan:(Per vDS)

  • Create a new  Switch with new DPortGroup
  • Add hosts to the Switch i also make sure to check the configure identical network setting box
  • Manage the physical adapters
  • Manage the VMkerenl adapters:
    • make sure you have dvport available.
    • Make sure you have available uplink on you new vDS.
    • Move the associate management vmnic to the management dvport on your vDS.
    • re-assign the VMkernel adapters and their IP’s  to the new dvport group and apply to all hosts.


Here are the screenshots:

Creating new vDS


Adding all of my three hosts


Selecting to manage Physical and VMKernel


Reassigning vmnic8 and vmnic9


Reassigning vmk1


Selecting the DportGroup for vmk1


Applying VMKernel IP’s to my hosts


Looking for now issues in my iSCSI network


Final Results


ALL Switches are now vDS’s


Thanks for reading!


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