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in VCAP6-DCV Deploy - 06 Apr, 2016
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VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 1.2 – part 3

In this post we will continue to discuss VMware core management infrastructure components.

here are the objectives from the blueprint:

  • Configure Global Permissions for vCenter services
  • Configure Dump Collector service
  • Configure the Syslog Collector / Syslog service
  • Managing vCenter Server advanced configurations

Lab Setup:

Using VMware workstation:

  • Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…)
  • vCSA

 Documents used:  

  • VMware vSphere Installation and Setup
  • vSphere Security
  • VMware KB 2033250

Configure Global Permissions for vCenter services

Global Permissions: Global permissions are applied to a global root object that spans solutions.

when we talk about global permission we need to remember the following drawing and need to be very careful when assigning global permissions



Source: VMware vSphere Security document


To assign global permission : Click on Administrator >> Global Permissions >> User >> Role



Configure Dump Collector service/Configure the Syslog Collector / Syslog service

we already discuss these objectives  in a previous post

VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 1.1 – part 3


Managing vCenter Server advanced configurations:

In Advanced Settings, you can modify the vCenter Server configuration file, vpxd.cfg. You can use Advanced Settings to add entries to the vpxd.cfg file, but not to edit or delete them.  Prerequisites Required privilege: Global.Settings


There are a TON of setting and i am not sure what to focus on and i am assuming that in the exam they will ask to change some parameter (so i need to study this KB)

here is the link for the KB : https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2033250

Thanks for reading







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    Thanks for the series 🙂

    • mordi //19 Apr 2016

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