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In this post we will continue to discuss VMware Deploy and Configure Update Manager Components

here are the objectives from the blueprint that i am going to cover:

  • Troubleshoot Update Manager problem areas and issues

 Documents used:

  • VMware Installing and Administrating VMware Update Manager

Troubleshoot Update Manager problem areas and issues:

For this objective i looked at the  VMware Installing and Administrating VMware Update Manager PDF and the troubleshooting section is on page 173:

here is the summary:

  • “Update Manager Web Client Remains Visible in the vSphere Web Client After Uninstalling Update
    Manager Server”  Possible solution: Login/Logout from the vSphere web client
  • “Connection Loss with Update Manager Server or vCenter Server in a Single vCenter Server System” Possible solutions:restart update manager service  , re-enable VUM plugin
  • “Gather Update Manager Log Bundles”  from VUM server Select Start > All Programs > VMware > Generate Update Manager log bundle.
  • “Gather Update Manager and vCenter Server Log Bundles”  – same as above if vCenter and VUM installed on the same server1
  • “Log Bundle Is Not Generated” Possible solution :  run the script cscript vum-support.wsf /n (under update manager directory)
  • “Host Extension Remediation or Staging Fails Due to Missing Prerequisites”  Possible solution :  Add the missing prerequisites manually to either an extension or a patch baseline, depending on the type of the missing prerequisites.
  • “No Baseline Updates Available” – Possible solutions: Check availability  and connectivity to the servers
  • “All Updates in Compliance Reports Are Displayed as Not Applicable” Possible solutions:  check the logs and retry scan
  • “All Updates in Compliance Reports Are Unknown” Possible solutions: manually run the scan
  • “VMware Tools Upgrade Fails if VMware Tools Is Not Installed” – Possible solutions: install VMware tools
  • “ESXi Host Scanning Fails”  – Possible solutions: re-download updates and perform a scan
  • “ESXi Host Upgrade Fails” – Possible solutions: make sure your have more than 10MB free space under /tmp  , repeat remediation
  • “The Update Manager Repository Cannot Be Deleted” – Possible solutions:  make sure not to exceed 255 characters (including path) ,map the local folder to a network drive and delete
  • “Incompatible Compliance State” reasons for Incompatible:
    • Conflict
    • Confilicting new modules
    • Missing packages
    • not installable
    • incompatible hardware
    • unsupported upgrade


In addition to the above you will always need to check the release notes for VUM :

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