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In this post we will continue to discuss Implementing Complex Storage Solutions

here are the objectives from the blueprint that i am going to cover:

  • Create / Configure multiple VMkernels for use with iSCSI port binding
  • LUN masking using PSA-related commands

Lab Setup:

Using VMware workstation:

  • Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…)
  • installed esx0
  • Installed VCSA
  • Storage device that can support iSCSI ( i am using Netgear ReadyNAS 202)

 Documents used:

  • vSphere6 Storage Guide

Create / Configure multiple VMkernels for use with iSCSI port binding:

To create ISCSI port binding i did the following in my lab:

  • Create a LUN on my storage device
  • Used VMware iSCSI software initiator to configure the target IP.
  • Create a VMFS volume
  • Configure additional VMkernel


  • Configure VMware iSCSI port binding and make sure it complaint.


  • Repeat the process on the second host in the cluster and verify



LUN masking using PSA-related commands:

For this task we will mask  the ng_datastore1 from esxi0 , currently both esx’s  have access to this datastore

Here are the steps to mask the lun from esxi0:

  • Get the device ID : esxcfg-scsidevs -m
  • Get the Path for that device : esxcfg-mpath -L |grep -i naa.6001405656a42ff92c445d398b8c3500
  • List the current claimroles : esxcli storage core claimrule list
  • Create a claimrule to mask the paths : esxcli storage core claimrule add -u -t location -A vmhba33 -C 0 -T 2 -L 0 -P MASK_PATH
  • List again the claimrule and note the new changes:esxcli storage core claimrule list
  • Load the claimrule to runtime :esxcli storage core claimrule load
  • Reclaim the device from the NMP: esxcli storage core claiming reclaim -d naa.6001405656a42ff92c445d398b8c3500
  • Check that the path dont exist anymore :esxcfg-mpath -L |grep -i naa.6001405656a42ff92c445d398b8c3500

Here are some screenshots:











To reverse the procedure:

  • Remove the all the claim rules : esxcli storage core claimrule remove -r 5003
  • Reload the claim rules: esxcli storage core claimrule load
  • Unclaim the paths: esxcli storage core claiming unclaim -t location -C 2 -T 2 -L 0
  • Rscan the vmhba:esxcli storage core adapter rescan -A vmhba33
  • Check the path again: esxcfg-mpath -L |grep -i naa.6001405656a42ff92c445d398b8c3500
  • Check it again in the GUI


Here are some screenshots:





Thanks for reading









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