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In this post we will continue to disucss the Manage Complex Storage Solutions objective

Here are the objective from the blueprint that we going to cover in this post:

  • Configure, administer, and apply storage policies
  • Prepare storage for maintenance

Lab Setup:

Using VMware workstation:

  • Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…)
  • installed esx0
  • Installed VCSA
  • iSCSI Storage

 Documents used:

  • vSphere6 Storage Guide

Configure, administer, and apply storage policies:

There are 2 type of storage capabilities that you can define in a storage policy :

  • System defined via VASA
  • User define

In the lab we will perform the following:

  • Create 3 datastores and assign them to a specific luns , i use 3 luns in my storage to simulate tiering like function
  • Tag the datastore as Gold/Silver/Bronze
  • Create VM polices
  • assign a policy to existing VM
  • Check for compliance
  • Migrate the VM to meet compliance.

First i was creating the luns on my Netgear.



creation of the datastores:


Creating categories named “Storage Tiers” and assign tag per datastore


Creating new VM policy (name)


Creating new VM policy (Choosing the tag for the policy)



Creating new VM policy (checking for compatible datastore)


Final results (after repeating the above process for Silver and Gold)


Right on the VM and click on VM policy and then click on Manage VM storage policy click on the gold tier and apply to all


Check for Compliance you will see that the VM not complaint , so we will need to migrate to the new storage


Final results after migration of storage only.



Prepare storage for maintenance:

One of the steps for storage maintenance is to unmount datastore when you unmount a datastore, it remains intact, but can no longer be seen from the hosts that you specify.The datastore continues to appear on other hosts, where it remains mounted.

In addition if the datatstore function and an HA heartbeating. it will initiate a failover so be very careful with unmounting a datastore.


  • No virtual machines reside on the datastore.
  • The datastore is not managed by Storage DRS.
  • Storage I/O control is disabled for this datastore.

To unmount right click on the datatore and click on unmount



Using Storage DRS Maintenance Mode:

Maintenance mode is available to datastores within a Storage DRS-enabled datastore cluster. Standalone datastores cannot be placed in maintenance mode. To enter maintenance mode Right click on the datastore >>Maintenance Mode>> Enter Maintenance Mode


Ignoring Storage DRS Affinity Rules for Maintenance Mode:

If you setup affinity rules and you will like to temporarily ignore it you will have to add advanced option:

Click on the datatstore cluster >>Manage>>Settings.>>Edit.>>Expand Advanced Options>>Add.>> IgnoreAffinityRulesForMaintenance set the value 1.


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