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In this section we are going to cover “Configure and manage Content Library

Here are the objective from the blueprint :

  • Create a Global User
  • Create a Content Library
  • Subscribe to a Content Library
  • Synchronize a subscribed Content Library
  • Configure a Content Library for space efficiency

Lab Setup:

Using VMware workstation:

  • Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…)
  • installed esx0
  • Installed VCSA
  • 2x the above config.

 Documents used:

  • Using Content Libraries
  • vSphere Virtual Machine Administration

Create a Global User:

The privileges required to globally manage the content library catalog are out side of the vCenter scope, you can use the pre-configured sample role and assign it to a user


Create a Content Library:

From Home screen click on Content Libraries and then click on the add icon. Provide a Name and description and choose the vCenter server


for local content library make sure to check the “local” radio button , also if you like to enable authentication you will Have to enable “publish content library externally” check box. Check the box for enable authentication and provide the password.


Choose your storage location and finish.


Subscribe to a Content Library:

To subscribe to the content library you can copy the content library link and  use it to subscribe to from the remote  cluster , Click the content library >> edit setting and copy the link.


on the remote cluster create new content library and instead of using local library lets subscribe to the library.


Synchronize a subscribed Content Library:

You can configure automatic sync on between the two sites.


Configure a Content Library for space efficiency:

When creating a subscribed library you have the option to download all the contents or download only metadata for the items from the published library. If you download only metadata for the items in a subscribed library, you save storage space. To save space dont use automatic Sync you can manually synchronize a subscribed library.

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