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In this section we are going to cover “Backup and Recover vSphere Configurations”

Here are the objective from the blueprint :

  • Backup and restore distributed switch configurations
  • Backup and restore resource pool configurations
  • Export Virtual Machines to OVA/OVF format
  • Use a Host profile to recover an ESXi host configuration

Lab Setup:

Using VMware workstation:

  • Microsoft Servers 2012R2 for Services (DNS , DHCP, etc…)
  • Installed esx0
  • Installed VCSA

 Documents used:

  • vSphere Networking
  • vSphere Resource Management Guide
  • vSphere Virtual Machine Administration
  • vSphere Host Profiles

Backup and restore distributed switch configurations:

The following are the steps to backup and restore vDS:

Export the vDS configuration


Choose Distributed switch and all port groups


Click yes and provide a location for the zip file.

To restore the configuration i used a different vCenter.

Right click on a switch>>Settings >> Restore configuration


Provide the location for the zip file and choose restore vDS and all port groups.


Review and click restore.



Backup and restore resource pool configurations:

When you disable DRS you get ask if you want to save the resource pool information ResourcePool_R1

Click yes and provide location for the snapshot file.

To restore the configuration you must first enable DRS and then Right click on the cluster and click on restore resource pool tree


Provide the snapshots location and click Ok.


Export Virtual Machines to OVA/OVF format:

To export a VM to OVA you will need first to power it off.

Right click on the VM and choose Template >> Export OVF template


Provide the following information:

  • Name for your OVA/OVF file
  • Chose directory
  • Choose the format (OVA/OVF)
  • You can include image files if you like
  • You can use the advanced option to include HW information or extra configuration


Use a Host profile to recover an ESXi host configuration:

I am not sure why this sub objective is here,  but the way i will recover host configuration using host profile is to remediate the ESXi host which we already discussed in previous posts

The steps:

  • Put the host in maintenance mode
  • attached the host profile to that host
  • Check for compliance
  • Remediate the host.


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