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in blueprint - 31 Dec, 2015
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VCP6-DCV blueprint section 2:Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere 6.x Networking– Objective 2.2

In this post we will cover the objective from the blue print regrading NIOC, i will also use my Lab to demonstrate

The following are the blueprint objective:


  • Define NIOC
  • Explain NIOC capabilities
  • Configure NIOC shares/limits based on VM requirements
  • Explain the behavior of a given NIOC setting
  • Determine Network I/O Control requirements
  • Differentiate Network I/O Control capabilities
  • Enable/Disable Network I/O Control
  • Monitor Network I/O Control

Define NIOC and  Explain NIOC capabilities:

With Network I/O Control version 3 you will be able to reserve bandwidth for system traffic based on the capacity of the physical adapters on a host.Network I/O Control version 3 provisions bandwidth to the network adapters of virtual machines by using constructs of shares, reservation and limit.

We can use Network I/O Control on vDS to configure bandwidth allocation for the traffic for the following vSphere features:

  • Management
  • Fault Tolerance
  • iSCSI
  • NFS
  • Virtual SAN
  • vMotion
  • vSphere Replication
  • vSphere Data Protection Backup
  • Virtual machines

Determine Network I/O Control requirements

The only requirements for is the use of vDS also NIOC version 3 will work only on vSphere6

Enable/Disable Network I/O Control

Network I/O control is enabled by default , so see the setting right click on your vDS and than click setting and then edit setting


Configure NIOC shares/limits based on VM requirements:

To configure NIOC shares/limits for VM or to any other traffic type you can look at the vDS resource allocation tab and click on the desire traffic type , in this case the VM’s, right click on the VM traffic and click edit , by default you can see that VM has High share size and have no limits.


Monitor Network I/O Control:

To monitor the NIOC setting we will look at the vDS >>manage>> resource allocation under system traffic


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