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Finally my favorite subject!!! ,In this post we will continue covering the objective from the blueprint and now its time for the storage part. Some of the objective in this post are related to the previous post adding “iSCSI datastore to my lab” so i will point some objective to that post.

For this post we will use the vSphere Storage document:

Note : I will NOT follow the order of blueprint objective but i will cover all of them.

The following are the blueprint objective:

  • Discover new storage LUNs
  • Configure FC/iSCSI/FCoE LUNs as ESXi boot devices
  • Create an NFS share for use with vSphere
  • Enable/Configure/Disable vCenter Server storage filters
  • Configure/Edit hardware/dependent hardware initiators
  • Enable/Disable software iSCSI initiator
  • Configure/Edit software iSCSI initiator settings
  • Configure iSCSI port binding
  • Enable/Configure/Disable iSCSI CHAP
  • Determine use cases for fiber channel zoning
  • Compare and contrast array thin provisioning and virtual disk thin provisioning


Discover new storage LUNs:

Not really sure why this is a subject by itself 🙂 . to Discover new LUN’s assuming its configured correctly. choose the ESXi host >> Manage >> Storage >> Storage Devices .You can use dynamic or Static discovery click on the re-scan icon (shown in the pic below). you can also see the actual devices that was found under Storage devices.


Enable/Configure/Disable vCenter Server storage filters:

There are four storage filters that we need to know about , looking at VMware storage document

  • VMFS filters – config.vpxd.filter.vmfsFilter
  • RDM Filter–  config.vpxd.filter.rdmFilter
  • Same Host and Transports Filter – config.vpxd.filter.SameHostAndTransportsFilter
  • Host Rescan Filter – config.vpxd.filter.hostRescanFilter

Here is some description about each of the filters from VMware storage document :

Source: VMware vSphere Storage document


To Add these filters click on vCenter object >> Manage >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Edit , you apply the filters using the Key (filter) and the value(TRUE/FALSE)


Enable/Disable software iSCSI initiator and Configure/Edit software iSCSI initiator settings:

I took these two subject because they are short. To enable/disable software iSCSI click on the ESXi host >> manage >> storage >> Storage Adapter >> iSCSI Software Adapter >> Disable

From VMware storage document:”Disabling the software iSCSI adapter marks it for removal. The adapter is removed from the host on the next host reboot. After removal, all virtual machines and other data on the storage devices associated with this adapter become inaccessible to the host.”

According to this statement , you will have to install the adapter again to enable it , see my previous post on how to add the adapter.


To edit and configure the adapter settings, in the same location under the adapter details you can edit the adapter settings


Enable/Configure/Disable iSCSI CHAP:

To configure iSCSI CHAP in our lab we will need to configure both the storage server (Microsoft 2012R2 server) and the iSCSI software adapter , if you like to use the iqn as a username please copy the iqns first from each ESXi adapter and then apply it to storage server.

You have four options to configure the CHAP and it depend on what you SAN or storage server in our case support. The options are:

  • Use unidirectional CHAP if required by target
  • Use unidirectional CHAP unless prohibited by target
  • Use unidirectional CHAP
  • Use bidirectional CHAP

chap2 chap1

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