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in Replication - 24 Jan, 2016
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VCP6-DCV blueprint section 6:Configure and Administer a vSphere Backups/Restore/Replication Solution – Part 2

In this post we will continue to the replication part of the objective:

  • Install/Configure/Upgrade vSphere Replication
  • Configure VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) integration with vSphere Replication
  • Compare and contrast vSphere Replication compression methods

Install/Configure/Upgrade vSphere Replication:

before we start the appliance install we need to create vDS with replication traffic and also add the vCenter server managed address(the same IP you use to connect for mgmt) and dont forget DNS and NTP settings.

Note that after setting the vCenter server managed address , you will need to restart the vCenter server.


After all the perp work is done its time to install the appliance

Mount the iso you downloaded from VMware website and deploy the following ovf file.



Start the wizard and and when you get to the CPU you can change it from 4vCPU to 2VCPU (if you in a lab configuration and dont have much resources like me)


Choose the datastore and thin provision


Provide the management network information


and when you dont with the wizard you can now access the configuration via the web browser



Basic Configuration:

Add your vCenter server password and restart the service.

replication9 replication10

Accept the SSL certificate:




To update the appliance :


Configure VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) integration with vSphere Replication:

There is a good KB article that address some of the issues with VMCA and replication

link: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2121689


Compare and contrast vSphere Replication compression methods

from the VMwar vSphere Replication Administration document:


Source: VMwar vSphere Replication Administration document


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