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Last week I was fortunate enough (thanks to my manager) to participate in the VMware Optimized and Scale Version 6 class.

Our instructor for this class was Mark Jones, and I can say only good things about him. Mark is very knowledgable and his knowledge goes very far and deep.

The class was 4 intensive, VERY long, days. Normally the class runs for 5 days but since we had the President’s Day holiday last week, we had to make up the time and we did.

The Class was great and I learned a lot.  I also think that every VCP and VCAP candidate should take this class. In the class you get to see the official VMware training which is different from books and videos. I thought I did enough by following the blueprint but I was wrong; the class added a lot of depth to the blueprint and I am very glad I took this class.

Topics discussed in the class:

  • VMware Management Resources
  • vSphere Security
  • Performance in Virtualized Environment
  • Network Scalability and Troubleshooting
  • Storage Scalability, Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Memory and CPU Performance
  • Virtual Machines and Cluster Optimizations
  • Host and Management Scalability

Also, after each section we had hands-on labs. The labs were great (only one issue in the last lab) – if you didn’t setup a home lab and you didn’t have the experience, you will like them. The tools that we used in the labs include PowerCLI ,vMA and vSphere web client.

In summary, great course and recommended to all. After the class, I took my first VCP exam (foundation exam) and passed it.

Next step for me is to practice more and take the second VCP exam.

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