vSphere SRM 6.X Install and configure – Part 4 – Configure Protection group

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In the previous posts we Installed SRM in our lab environment, we paired the two sites, we configured Inventory mappings and configured placeholder datastore. In this post we will continue with the configuration by adding protection groups

The idea behind protection groups is to groups VM’s and make sure they failover together to the recovery site.

In SRM You can use protection group for array based replication and also for vSphere replication, in my lab I only configured vSphere replication at this point so I will demonstrate protection group configuration.

Note: The following link is a good read on VMware blogs for SRM protection group design considerations: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2015/05/srm-protection-group-design.html

Configuring Protection Group step by step:

In the SRM window click on the protected site and then click on step 5 “Create Protection group”

Provide name and description for the new protection group

Select the direction of the protection (protected to recovery) and the type (VM’s in our case(vSphere Replication))

Choose the VM’s that will be included in the protection group

Review and then click finish

In the next post we will complete the SRM implementation and we will create recovery plan

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