vSphere SRM 6.X Install and configure – Part 5 – Creating recovery plan and testing

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Now that we’ve installed SRM in our lab environment and followed the SRM configuration tasks, we need to complete the last and most important step by creating a recovery plan and testing our recovery plan. The recovery plan that we will create in this post will control every step in the recovery process.

If you followed the SRM Installation and Configure series on this blog, please make sure that you have configured the protection group from part 4 of this series, and also make sure that your replication is working correctly (we only use vSphere replication at this point).

Creating Recovery Plan step by step:

In the SRM window click on the protected site and then click on Step 6 “Create a Recovery Plan”

Create a name for your recovery plan and you can also include description

Choose your recovery site

Choose your protection group

Choose your test network

Review and click Finish

Testing our Recovery Plan step by step:

Now that we have configured our recovery plan, we can make some changes and test it. Once we are done with the testing we will need to “clean up” our testing.

To see your recovery plan and make changes in SRM, click on the Recovery Plan –> Monitor –> Recovery Plan

In my lab, I will start the first load generator before I start all the others (LG1 is the controller) so I will need to change the priority of the VM, you will need to right click on the VM and change the priority

Change the priority for your VM.

Review results

Now to test our recovery plan, click on the green “play” icon

Confirm your recovery plan test

Click finish

Monitor your test

Once your test is completed you will need to cleanup, click on action, and then cleanup.

Confirm and finish

Thanks for reading.



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