vSphere SRM 6.X Install and configure – Part 6 -Failover Re-protect and failback

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In the previous posts we created and tested our recovery plan. at this point we know that we are ready in case we encounter a disaster at our protected site. In this post we will initiate a failover and failback to see if what we created so far actually works.

Disclosure : All my Configuration and testing are made in a lab envioremnt so make sure to read and understand VMware documentation before using any of this information in a production environment.

In this post we will perform the following steps:

Run the recovery plan : When we running the recovery plan, SRM will migrate all the VM in the recovery plan to the recovery site in addition SRM Will shutdown our VM’s on the protected site.

There are two types of recovery we can run: Planned migration and Disaster recovery. with planned migration which we will run, both sites will be up and VM’s will migrate to the recovery site, if an error occur on our protected site during the migration, the planned migration will fail.

With Disaster recovery option which we will not use in this post, The VM’s will be recovered on the recovery site and if an error occurs during the process, SRM will continue with plan and the admin will be able to fix it later on.

Re-Protect the recovery site: basically we will make  the recovery site as a protected site, since we testing a real disaster. think about it as after failover you make the site as the protected site. To re-Protect the recovery site and make it the protected site, The admin can manually reconfigure protection in the opposite direction or we can use SRM for re-protection(In this post we will demonstrate that with SRM)

Run again the recovery plan: This time will perform this task back on the old protected site

Re-Protect again: we will re-protect again to make sure everything is back to normal

So lets get started.

Running Failover Re-Protect and Failback step by step:

Before we start lets look at the current configuration on the protected site (EP-L1 Prod)

And EP-remote as our recovery site.

As you can see on our protected site all VM’s are running and there is a copy of the same VM’s on the protected site via our replication. now lets go back to our recovery site.

In SRM Related object –> Recovery plan click on the recovery icon

check the “I understand….” box and click next

Review and click finish

Monitor the process

Verify all recovery plan tasks are completed

Recovery site now is running all our VM’s

VM’s are no longer running on our protected site.

Now lets re-protect our recovery site and make it our new protected site

Verify the new protected site information and click next

Review and click finish

Monitor the process

Now to go back to the original configuration we will need to run the recovery plan on the previous protected site and re-protect the site again

Monitoring again

VM’s are now running again on the original protected site

Running re-protect again.

This post will conclude the SRM tutorial

Thanks for reading




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